The hot summer is still alive. The autumn is on standby. The wind blows. Stars in the midnight float on the clouds. Trees are dancing with the air. The winter is not so far away. Snow sleeping in the future is dreaming for flying down into the utero-earth. The world is singing for the all life, spirits, ghosts, Gods all around the world. And... the baby is blessed by the Fruit of Life.

아래 사진 위에 덧붙여 쓰여진 문자는 곧나모(Godnamo) 문자로 쓴 영어인데 아래 링크를 참고하면 읽을 수 있다. 

관련글:  곧나모(Godnamo) :: 알파벳(로마자, for Roman Alphabet)

2017년 9월 10일 김곧글(Kim Godgul)


Running Up Baby

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